Agenda Q2 W1

October 11-15


  • Final Quarter 1 Grades will be available on Portal this week (probably Thursday)

  • Do you have the San Juan App? It makes it easy to check grades and report absences.

Monday Volume of cylinders, cubes and cones

  • Working on a few math standards in this Math/Science Crossover. Calculating and proving the volume of Cubes, cylinders, and Cones as we look at finding the volume of regular and irregular objects. We start with calculations and then move onto a water mess. Measurements will be done with a ruler in cm3 and then proven with water and units of measurement mL.

HW: Finish page 29-30 Lab devices (ignore the hand on page 30).

Tuesday Finish Volume lab

  • Finish Calculating and measuring the volume of cylinders, cones and cubes lab.

Wednesday mass volume lab

  • Grade Using Lab Equipment with qwizdom remotes

  • Get computer, review graduated cylinder take a screenshot and submit to Google Classroom. You can miss 2.

  • Take Graduated Cylinder quiz with remotes.

  • Finish Volume of Geometric Shapes lab with lots of water.

Thursday Density

  • Intro to Density.

  • Calculate the densities from our Winco food/can measurement lab.

  • Calculate the density of objects.

  • Start PHET density lab.

HW: Introduce the HW assignment on PBS. Due next week.


  • Use a TBB to find the mass

  • Use displacement or rulers to calculate or measure the volume