Agenda Q3 W2

Eukaryotic cell Jan 10-14


  • Inside the cell video warm up (10 min a day)

  • Plant cell Gizmos

  • Cell Brochure

HW: Cell Brochure Project due Friday. Quiz on Friday.

MONDAY Absent students:

  1. On Friday, we started the ANIMAL CELL on Gizmos.

          • Click on the link above Gizmos. Make sure you log in with Friday's login, otherwise you will only have 5 minutes of access.

          • Make sure Page 1 & 2 animal cells are complete from Friday. You may have already finished this on Friday.

          • If you aren't able to log in, email me with what period you are in and I can give you the class access code.

2. Today we started the Plant Cell Page.

  • Period 2 was given this in class. Period 3 & 4, I will post this page to Google Classroom. You will do the Bacteria page tomorrow, you should ONLY do the Plant cell page today.

3. We are going to continue to work on our cell brochure project. If you have any of these documents with you, maybe send a picture to your group so they can continue to work on it.

In Summary: Make sure Cells Gizmos pages 1-3 from Friday's handouts are completed so that you can turn them in when you return.


  • Inside the cell video warm up (10 min). Helps us visualize Cell Organelle Machinery.

  • Go over Organelle Job application (each person in the group has to have a separate organelle and project)

  • Cell Brochure 12 organelles done

HW: Make sure you are ready to turn in your cell brochure by Friday. Quiz on Friday.


  • Gizmos: finish 4 page (2 front and back) handout on simulation. Turn in.

  • Work on Cell Brochure, Organelle Job Application, review flashcards for Friday... the last work day to get caught up

HW: Cell Brochure Project due Friday. Quiz on Friday.


  • Watch a video about Viral invasion of a cell. Next week we cover Viruses.

  • Review for tomorrow's quiz with Qwizdom.

HW: Cell Brochure Project due Friday. Quiz on Friday.


  • Quiz #2: Know all the organelles in a plant and animal cell. There are a few sets of flashcards to help you.

  • Retake available if you did not like last week's quiz score. The in class retake is NOT multiple choice. It has a picture of the animal cell and has you label 8 parts and list their function.

  • Vacuole Lab

HW: Work on Organelle Job Application rough draft.