Agenda Q2 W5

Finish eye Nov 28-Dec 2

HW: 3 articles by next Tuesday. C. Jejuni, B. fragilis Page 59 AND L. reuteri pg 60. We will start this in class this week.

Monday finish eye

  • Start Dichotomous key warm up Pg 52

  • Case study of a man who was blind

  • How animals use color or optical illusions to survive (natural selection)

Tuesday eye dissection

  • Eye Dissection

Wednesday Prokaryotes

  • Classification notes, with emphasis on Prokaryotes (Bacteria).

  • Emoji Dichotomous Key

  • Mythbusters Handwashing (2 min). Goes over how to test for bacteria and how to grow in an incubator. We will talk about the process of testing and growing bacteria.

  • Amplify - one Bacteria article - we do together (Salmonella) Pg. 64

          • Take notes on bacteria #2. C. difficile pg. 64

HW: 3 articles by next Wednesday. C. Jejuni, B. fragilis Page 64 AND L. reuteri pg 65.


  • Dichotomous Key- Worms

  • Bacteria Warm-up Pg 51. Learning about Prokaryotes.

  • Bacteria Organelle Coloring. Bring Colored Pencils. Pg 56.

  • Work on Amplify articles due next Wednesday.


  • Dichotomous Key Pine Trees

  • Panther Patient Day 1.

  • Page 75 Fill in the organelles we know.

  • Quizlet live to study for Bacteria

  • Mythbusters and your Toothbrushes. There are germs everywhere!


  • Quiz on Bacteria Next week. Know the organelles inside a prokaryote and what their function is.

  • Quiz on Dichotomous keys next week. Know how to use a dichotomous key to identify bacteria.

  • Amplify Articles (3 more) due on Wednesday.