Agenda Q1 W7

Sept 20-24


  • Progress reports are online. Please take a look on the portal (with your parent login) to check your student's grade. You can look under the tab "Marks" or "Docs."

  • We start looking at the metric system this week. If you see grams (like mg), liters (like mL on drinks) or meters in the house at all, point them out.


  • Circulatory system, respiratory system and CELL RESPIRATION.

  • Abiotic & Biotic portion of Lab.

  • Start Pre-lab page 19.


  • Warm-up: Metric Conversions with Qwizdom.

  • Continue conversations on Respiratory system, digestive system and circulatory system.

  • Start Respiratory system/ Abiotic fish lab.


  • Qwizdom Metric conversions (get ready for Friday's quiz).

  • Abiotic & Biotic Lab partially done with a video since flash is no longer an option.

  • Start graphing data and complete analysis questions on page 20.


HW: Finish Abiotic and Biotic Fish Lab.


  • Finish Lab page 19-20.

  • Metric Notes. Discuss Meters, liters and grams. Inside cover of Notebook (before page 1). Is that Page 0?

HW: Tomorrow, turn in: Is It Alive Lab + Abiotic and Biotic Fish Lab


  • Metric Conversion Quiz.

  • Start Looking at Mass and reading a Triple Beam Balance.

  • We start with digital practice and then move to the real thing next week.

  • Turn in lab.