Agenda Q2 W2

October 18-22

Homework this week

  • Due WEDNESDAY: HW assignment on PBS Page 34. Due Wednesday.

          • There is a QR code with instructions on the lab if you missed class or are struggling OR here is the QR code video. You have to be logged in under a student account to access.

          • Don't forget the questions at the bottom and the hypothesis.

  • DUE NEXT MONDAY: Notes on Microscope pg 39.

          • Watch video, take notes and color the microscope. Due Monday.

          • Plan on 30 minutes for this assignment but if this week gets crazy you can complete over the weekend.

Monday Density simulation

  • Ice Cube Intro Discussion. Video (teacher access only sorry).

  • Start PHET density lab. Pg 33. BUT newer copy will be given in class since the old Flash version doesn't work.

HW: See above

Tuesday Density Lab

  • Introduction to Gizmos Displacement Method - 5 minute Preview :)

      • Gizmos, finding the Volume of ONLY 2 objects: rock and cube.

  • Discuss/ Finish yesterday's lab.

  • Practice finding the mass and volume of water using the digital scales.

  • In class lab Page 35. Look at different acrylic items. Use the Scientific measuring tools to find the mass, volume and calculate the density. Digital scales will be used instead of TBB. Graph your results.

HW: Due WEDNESDAY: HW assignment on PBS. Due Wednesday.

Wednesday finish all labs/work from this unit

  • Finish the lab we started yesterday. Grade.

  • Talk about the density of metals and the periodic table.

Thursday review for Lab practical

  • Practice Lab practical with a partner of your choice. A practice will be set up with the same tasks for tomorrow's lab but you can ask questions and get help on this one.

Friday lab practical

  • Your Unit FINAL like no other. You will go from station to station to accomplish 8 tasks from our measurement unit. INDIVIDUAL - no talking. Prove what you have learned over the last month.

HW: Don't forget your Microscope Notes. See top of this page for instructions.