Materials Needed in the next few weeks

The following materials would be very helpful. If you have any problems or don't plan on getting materials, let me know so I can purchase them for you.

  • (2) 3 pronged folder plastic any color. You need one for class and if you can afford to donate one to Science class that would be great (these are actually a major expense for me and cost the same as a squid for dissection). Paper pronged folders work fine, but the plastic ones will withstand your water bottle condensation and should last the whole year. The side pockets are handy but not mandatory. They can be found for under $1. This is the most important item. Without lockers, your backpack is going to get full, but this 3 pronged folder is the ONLY thing you need to bring to Science daily.

  • Colored pencils. Any kind.

  • Pens or pencils. Bring your favorite. Many mistakes will be made as we process the concepts so be ready to cross off and rewrite if you use pen.

  • Pencil sharpener (with catcher). This will be convenient for your colored pencils.

  • Simple calculators are useful (around 4 times this year) but we won't need them very often. You will want one for math and it can just be in your backpacks.

  • Glue stick (I have some in class, but helpful to have your own).

  • Scissors (I have some in class, but helpful to have your own).

  • Ruler there will be a simple ruler in your agenda but you might want a real one. I also have some in class.

  • Personal Earbuds for the computers. Students sometimes like to listen to the content with their own earbuds. I have found them at the dollar store.

  • I will be asking for Science donations to cover the expenses of dissection supplies.

Materials for later (that will be announced ahead of time)...

  • 2 identical empty water bottles for a September lab. These can be 2 Gatorade bottles, water bottles, milk containers, any plastic bottles that can be flipped will work. Yes we are flipping water bottles. :) If it is okay, these water bottles will be donated as containers to grow plants in January. If you need the bottles back... no problem.

  • 3D flower material. We will be creating a 3D flower with materials we find around the house like tissue paper, q tips, and art materials. Many ideas will be given in class. This will be in January.


  • In January we will be growing plants from seed. I will have a variety of options that I purchase but if you want to grow something different bring in some plant seeds and grow them for everybody to see!

  • Access to a computer mouse. Tech skills will be integrated into Science. I will (out of habit) refer to right click and left click. Students have found it easier in some applications to have access to a mouse. I have a class set in class.

Let me know if you need anything.

Was I suppose to pick up a Science book?

  • Your amplify book is online.