Next Generation Science Standards


You may have heard that Science has new standards called NGSS - Next Generation Science Standards. MS stands for Middle School and the LS stands for Life Science. HS represents the standards that they will cover in High School. Each number 1-4 contains 2-8 standards. The Life Science standards are broken up into 4 sections:

Evidence Statements contain more specific information on what will be learned in each section. At the bottom of each standard MS-LS1-1 will be an explanation of what students should know at the end of the unit. I do not go in the order of standards below. I integrate standards in a unique way that I feel is best for student learning. At the bottom of your student's labs and activities you may see codes like LS1-3 or LS4-1. These codes are referring to which NGSS standards are being addressed in that activity. The above links give a general idea of what is covered in each standard. The below evidence statements are more detailed of what should be learned at the end of each standard.

MS-LS1 Evidence Statements: 13 pages.

MS-LS2 Evidence statements: 9 pages.

MS-LS3 Evidence Statements: 4 pages

MS-LS4 Evidence Statements: 9 Pages