Taking a screenshot

Screenshots are a cool way to show your teacher that you successfully completed a task. But we don’t all have our chromebooks so how can we take a screenshot? Below are some instructions and a video.

  1. Try taking a screenshot with your chromebook by pressing Control + Shift + wierd bottom above the #6 (see picture to the right). This is the easiest way. Now lets try another cool extension.

    • Mac: Command + Shift + 4 lets you select what you want to screenshot

    • Command + shift + 3 screenshot of the entire page (not ideal)

    • My HP computer has a tool. Windows button + shift + s and the screen will go gray. I can select what I want to screenshot. Go to a document Ctrl + V to paste the picture into a document on google drive.

  1. Add Extension: “Save to Google Drive.”

    • Go to Chrome Extensions website.

    • Search for “Save to Google Drive

    • Add to chrome.

    • The triangle will now appear on the upper right hand side of your toolbar (top right corner of your screen). If it doesn't look for the puzzle piece and pin Save to Google Drive.

  1. Video of Instructions. If you are stuck, there is a 5 min tutorial with ADDITIONAL helpful hints (great for all to see, I learned a few things).


4. Practice taking a Screenshot. Find your grades on Q and take a screenshot of your current grades for your classes.

    • Take a screenshot of your grades by “Save to Google Drive” icon now appearing upper right of your screen.

    • Go to the document on Google Classroom.

    • Insert - image - drive, recent and there it is your screenshot!

    • Insert the picture onto your document