Quarter 1

Quarter 1

Introduction 1 week (August)

  • Safety

  • Lab Equipment

Scientific Method 5 weeks (August and September)

  • Learning the parts to a formal lab write up

  • Practice writing Hypothesis in the If... then format

  • Collecting data

    • Results

    • Graphing

    • Converting metrics (example: cm to mm)

    • Measurements

      • Length: ruler

      • Mass: Triple Beam balance & electronic balance

      • Volume: reading a graduated cylinder

Microscope 1 week (October)

  • Structures and functions of the parts of a microscope

Eye 1 week (October)

  • A quick preview of the eye and lenses

Classification and Prokaryotes (introduction to cells) 4 weeks (October - November)

  • All living things are made of cells and can be classified into one of six Kingdoms

  • As we go through the general characteristics of each Kingdom we will start by spending time on the first 2 kingdoms: Archaebacteria and Eubacteria and learning about the characteristics of Prokaryotic cells