This is a quick 10 day mini unit on how to use a microscope- an important tool for Scientists! Every student will be learning how to get an organism focused under a microscope. The total magnification of our Compound Microscope is 40 (low), 100 (medium), and 400x (high power).


  • Cool microscopic images (3 quick videos 3 min each)

  • Biointeractive's video on the History of the microscope (5 min)


  • Scale Tool on Amplify (link not provided because students have to be logged into the amplify system to access). This simulation will provide an introduction to microscopes as we tie in the metric system and microscopic objects.

  • Virtual Microscope: how to use a microscope without breaking it


  • Using a Microscope


  • There is a "pop-quiz" (announced ahead of time) to learn a few of the Microscope structures. Study flashcards below.

  • There will be a larger quiz on the parts of the microscope and the functions of those parts. A preview of the quiz will be shown in class (yes I show them the exact quiz ahead of time). No revisions on this quiz. We will complete a qwizdom review (with feedback from remotes) before the quiz.

        • 10 questions: parts of the microscope

        • 10 multiple choice questions on how the microscope works and general questions.

        • Honors Science Performance Task: Honors will have an additional performance task for this test after the multiple choice portion. I will give them a microscope and a slide and students will be expected to get the object on the slide in focus on Medium Power.

Study for the Microscope Quizzes

  1. You will have a quiz on the FUNCTION of the parts of a microscope. These traditional flashcards can help you study!

  2. This set of flashcards will help you identify the STRUCTURE of the parts of a microscope. Try the "match" feature with this microscope diagram.


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